Android operating system bearing its name

Turkcell continues to offer smart phones with Android operating system bearing its name to the market with new features. Having announced the T60 in recent months, Turkcell has now introduced the Turkcell T70.Within the scope of the Android One project, General Mobile 4G, the first phone in Europe, is a product that can be preferred considering the device features and price introduced by the General Mobile company in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.The General Mobile GM 5 Plus with USB Type C interface features a dual cable and microUSB converter inside the box. Also, the headset in the box is very successful. An adapter with Qualcomm’s next-generation fast-charge adapter is also included.

Donald Trump, who creates different economic sanctions and tax difficulties in China every day, puts not only Chinese companies but also other companies using Chinese origin products in many of its products.Apparently, these sanctions have begun to push Sony firmly.Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki reiterated his repeated warnings to the US government and said:“As we have already told the US government, exaggerated taxes on China are about to cause serious damages to the US economy. If this continues, we may have to raise PS4 prices in the US.”

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