Computer users who spend a lot of time

Computer users who spend a lot of time during the day, macOS platform using the command cmd + c dozens of things to copy. These copies include visuals as well as text and links. Developed by Tweetbot’s Tapbots, Pastebot gives cmd + c a different perspective.As you know, using the cmd + c command does not save what you have copied, but when you copy something different, the previous copy is deleted. Pastebot records all the things you copy on your clipboard.Thanks to Pastebot, which automatically saves links, text and even images on the clipboard, you can easily access your copies with cmd + c. By getting an update for security, Pastebot does not save internet passwords and offers Blacklist option. With Blacklist, you can prevent Pastebot from running in any application. With Pastebot, you can save what you have copied to your iCloud account, and if you’re using multiple macOS devices, you can sync what you’ve copied between your devices.Pastebot is currently on the macOS platform. To make iCloud more efficient, Pastebot may also come to the iOS platform in the coming months.

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