I have observed that the

I have observed that the FiiO Q1 has a very neutral sound structure in my tests. The amplifier sharpens the upper frequencies in a click. However, this sharpening is not to scratch the ear. If you do not turn on the Gain setting, you can use the FiiO Q1 as a neutral headphone feeder.When you set the gain to High, the higher frequencies become even more sharp and come to the forefront with a single click. Bass fans are waiting for a surprise at the Bass Boost setting. When you activate the Bass Boost setting of the FiiO Q1, the lower frequencies spread around the headset and create a Boomy effect. Bass Boost manages to present the bass in a clear way without drowning the stomachs compared to other amps. However, when you start to bring the sound to the last level, which I don’t recommend at all, the bass sounds start to drown a little.FiiO Q1 adds vitality to the sound of a very successful stage I can not pass without specifying. I had the chance to test the FiiO Q1 on Tidal’s Master songs and Apple Music. I can clearly say that if you want a high level of performance, you have to choose high definition music for this kind of DAC and DAP solutions.

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