In addition to collecting all the gold

In addition to collecting all the gold you need to collect colored gold. In each section; Pink, purple and green are available in 3 different colored gold. In order to unlock the next colored gold, you have to collect 5 different colored gold in the section. It’s hard to collect these colored gold coins.I can say that I like the challenge in Super Mario Run because it is difficult to collect such special gold in Mario games on Nintendo consoles.You are offered 2 balloons in each section. If you miss the colored gold, you can click this balloon and roll Mario back.Although I don’t like the different gameplay of Super Mario Run, which brings a new breath to the endless running type, I think that I need to be open to innovation and I’m used to it in a short time.

Mario for the first time after Wii U offers the opportunity to see the high resolution Super Mario Run, Retina display, especially on the iPhone 7 screen looks quite nice. Thanks to the successfully applied Anti Aliasing filter, a smooth Mario welcomes you. The modeling of the characters and spaces in the game looks very good as in the New Super Mario series. While the design world has moved to the Flat design concept, which I have described as en cool tasarım design, I was very happy to see glossy design in Super Mario Run’s menu design.biggest difference between emulators with the original cartridge of Mario games is the sound effect. Mario games sound without delay in the cartridges, while emulators have a slight delay in sound. Although Super Mario Run is a new unported game, it makes you feel as if you are using an emulator.Especially when passing through the pipes, it is uncomfortable that the sound effect comes from behind. However, I think that this problem will be solved with the updates coming in the coming days. Besides the delay, New Super Mario’s favorite sound effects have been successfully applied to Super Mario Run.

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