There are boxes in certain parts

Always aiming to be different in the gaming industry and often achieving this goal, Nintendo stayed away from mobile platforms for a long time. Mario, a cult game character; Nintendo, GameBoy, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS / 3DS, Wii and Wii U platform with the game lovers to meet Nintendo, broke the stubbornness of the platform to break with the Super Mario Run. What a break!Hours after the release of Super Mario Run, it was listed as one of the most downloaded free games worldwide. So, unlike Mario games, Nintendo, which was the first time to come across an endless running type Mario game, was it really successful?Did Super Mario Run do it again because of the 90s excitement, or because it was a really successful game? The answer to this question; We will give a review of Super Mario Run as one who has been playing Mario games on Nintendo consoles for years.

Super Mario Run review of the first part of the game we are entering. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Mario came across for the first time in endless running. Although Mario’s automatic progression may seem nice at first, it will infuriate those who like to collect all the gold. It is very hard to stop Mario in Super Mario Run.There are boxes in certain parts of the game. Mario stands on these boxes for a while. During this time, you select the destination. However, after this election, you have to give up the gold in either the upper section or the lower section.

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